Quality Statement

What You See Is What
You Get

MDI has very high standards. We source only the highest quality materials and put them through rigorous testing to be sure they meet our exact specifications.

At our on-site lab we meticulously perform product development and compliance tests including fiber composition, entanglement strength, basis weight, absorbency, thickness, tensile strength, and launderability to ensure that all products continue to meet our high quality expectations – and yours.

This means that the quality product you sampled is the quality product you’ll receive. No exceptions.

We guarantee a great product every time.

Mercantile Development, Inc. - MDI - WIper quality testing
Mercantile Development, Inc. is committed ...

... to exceeding our customers’ expectations of product quality, performance and delivery. Quality is the responsibility of all employees. By utilizing technology, investing in capital equipment, and training employees, we will continue to operate an efficient and effective organization. MRP and Standard Operating Procedures are practiced to ensure the traceability and conformance of our products, processes and transactions. Statistical control methods, quality inspections, and internal audits are used to measure our success. Suppliers, customers and employees are consulted in our push for continuous improvement.